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Random wreck encounter
TLDR: Make ship blueprints spawn as wrecks. Please read on! For the player it would work just as random ship encounters, but as ship wrecks floating in space. The system would take blueprints of completed ships, then spawn them partitially in random build states. A ship blueprint will be chosen, then randomize each and every block from 0% built to 100% built. It would then spawn the blueprint looking like anything from useless hunks of metal to semi-working ships floating around. Ship wreck fuel and battery power could be randomized. Ship wreck blocks on/off states could also be ranomized. Having this feature would benefit gameplay by adding more things to find and salvage in space (or on planets). Since each ship wreck would be randomized in it's wreck state, each wreck find would be unique and more exiting than knowing what's going to show up. This would work for both space and planets. Ship wrecks could spawn in space, or half buried in the ground on plantes. This feature would be warmly welcomed by a huge part of the SE comunity and add some interesting gameplay. Thank you for reading!

AlexVestin shared this idea 06/10/17 05:09
AlexVestin 06/10/17 05:30
PICTURE EXAMPLE: Same blueprint, but one spawned as wreck. Everything that has been done on this screenshot above is: 1, Grind random blocks. (This would be randomized) 2, Spawn in ground. (Angle could also be ranomized slightly) 3, Change some block colours to dark brown shades. (Could also be randomized for wreck-like visuals)