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Random pirate base spawning on planets using parachute block.
Hi Keen now that you have added the parachutes block in SE. I think it is time we see randomly spawned pirate base which can use the parachute block to land on planets, and spawn drones. It would also be cool if they an spawn cyber hounds which will also be really cool to have since wolves no longer attack ships.

Onslaught2000 shared this idea 17/08/17 21:09
Tharatan 17/08/17 21:43
I like your idea of air-dropped pirate facilities, though I'm not sure about cyberhounds - seems like a separate idea to add them as an additional unit type spawned from pirate facilities.
ronin 09/09/17 17:11
air drop facilities is a no for me :/ but i do liek the idea
Zanderaf 21/09/17 19:04
I like the idea, i kinda see it like the Starcraft Terran buildings then, having thrusters on the bottom and producing units to attack with
Syncaidius1 03/10/17 11:12
Unless they can ensure they'll land somewhere safe/stable, I don't think this is a good idea, because they'll end up hitting the side of a mountain and break apart as they roll down. You know how much destruction/debris tends to lag up MP servers. ;)
RowdyHusky 10/03/18 22:36
I like the idea, it's maybe rough, but a simple idea that comes to my mind is something like a strong unknown signal and if it succeeds to land safely, spawn a pirate station on its position