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Random defects in tech blocks
Up to now your blocks will function for ever, if you don't get hit by a projectile or missile, or deconstruct. We all know real life is different. Machines, electronics, motors, monitors, computers etc become defective and fail. Let's introduce that in SE. Just for the 'engineer' focus of the game. The effect would be randomly rendered to any block which contains sensible technics. Not armor blocks or windows and alike. It should be rare enough so people don't get mad at frequent malfunctions, but this feature should be challenging and even life-threatening for your character (imagine your oxygen system being at stake, or power loss). Ideal if you can regulate in world settings if malfunctions can happen and how high the risk per a given period of time. Should come with a diagnosis tool for the engineer, so he can track down where the malfunction is located in his ship or station, if he does not learn from an occurring problem what's wrong. Let him do some detective work to find the defect. Once found and diagnosed, he will have means to repair the defect by replacing the part which is found malfunctioning. For example a computer platine. Gives reason to produce in survival a supply of spare parts for the case they are needed. Maybe a new block for storing spare parts, if not in a normal cargo container: the repair module. Add a specialized handtool for diagnosis. Repair is done by the regular welder. Imagine the malfunction happens in tight situations, like combat. Thrilling! Need to repair and defend at the same time, or split a team to those tasks.

Cetric shared this idea 19/08/17 15:20
Cetric 24/09/17 11:04
I know we are living in the era of Clang, where everybody is just happy if he does not meet defects and explosions. You are all longing for peace. Peace with your creations, that is. Guaranteed functioning. But think of a post-Clang era. Once everything is peaceful and functioning all the time. I know you will get bored again. You always are. Look at the scifi movies. Some drama in story lines has to do with malfunctions and the need to repair them. You will want the same in your builds. As life is not an apple pie and things go wrong. Did Apollo crews or Space Shuttle crews have a choice when disaster struck? - No. So shouldn't we.