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Rail Elevators
instead of having elevators bound by pistons which requires more space to be cleared and alot more stacking of pistons ontop of another depending on how far you dig down or build up. you could simply make a rail system that when connected to more of the same grids for rails it will increase its height in which it will go up or down. however they would need to be connected to a 1x1 large block and cannot be cascaded ontop of one another without support from a 1x1 block behind it. you could have a 1x1 elevator block that will attach to the rails akin to rotor or piston heads able to house 1-3 people and you could have a 1x3 which could hold about 5-10 people. and the rails could be singular like | or double rails like || settings could be somewhat like rotors in which you can adjust its speed and how fast it would slow down when nearing / reaching the top rail to simulate more akin to an elevator. expansion upon the rail idea could also be used for trams and carriages etc. to streamline and to put less strain on the server for those wanting to build trains / tram like transports to connect bases.

DiBBz shared this idea 15/09/17 06:37
KaneCold 19/09/17 12:49
*sigh* can't vote ... running out of ideas for comments as well... Anyway you probably could make an elevator with the current system by linking wheels to an platform and let it run in a closed frame/rail. The problem is the messy way to add the elevator to the ship system ... remote control? antennas? can't we get some cables just to add it to the grid of the main ship? Or make it an own block system like the conveyors ... one part just for moving ... one part as entrance/exit/floor ... one part the elevator. +Like
KaneCold 19/09/17 12:51
o.O i can't add my own comment? really? ... btw now that i think about it ... there should also be an "elevator" running horizontal and when we want to make sure nobody is left out why not give us escalators too?
DiBBz 19/09/17 19:33
@KaneCold Except the issue with that is that its bound by janky physics. there should be a simple item in place to elevate such complex builds. yes its a technical marvel that people put those things in. but while i love their dedication to figuring out how it works and implemented. it over complicates the process a simple rail system that you attach something to like you would a piston or rotor. would improve overall game performance as well as creations of ships etc or stations