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Raids, Distress Signals etc. (Global Events / Points of Interest)
I really love the current implementation of the global signal system. It brings a lot of life into the game and is definetely a step into the right direction. However simple loot crates don't feel all too impactful and rewarding. What I'd like to see in the game are some global events that catch players attention and are actually challenging and something to work for but at the same time provide meaningfull rewards and thus create some points of interest with a higher possibillity of stumbling upon other players or factions. RAIDS Larger stations with patrolling drones or fighters, interior defenses and a short raid mission with instructions for taking over the base.) CRASH SITES Crashed ships with valuable cargo inside. Sometimes you'll even find rowers or ships in good condition that only need minor repairs. In you're unlucky it might just be an ambush by space pirates tho. ESCORTED TRANSPORT Cargo transporters with lots of ressources and the transporter itself to capture. TRADERS & MERCS Neutral Hubs with multiple missions to complete (mining ore, transporting ressources, headhunting missions etc.) completing those missions reward you with some sort of currency / token items that can be used to buy prebuild ships, special exclusive skins and weapons or other items exclusive to those NPC traders Those were some ideas that came to my mind as global events. Feel free to discuss or provide some further ideas below!

SevenSins shared this idea 27/08/17 15:57