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RADAR with visual feedback and command block compatibility
The main idea behind radar is that it would allow the player to discover grids at range that lack detectable antennae or naturally occurring. The larger the grid the longer the range it can be detected from. It would be necessary at this point to also implement some form of cross section detection. i.e. it will be harder to detect a large plane on its cutting edge than it will be from its flat side. It would also be necessary to allow the player to recieve some form of feedback from this radar system whether it be actively updating the player's hud or via access to a specific block, say a turret that can be commanded by the player that has the radar array as a part of its view range. Personally, it would be great to allow RADARs to be willed around by command blocks as well as providing access to grid data to said command blocks as it would complement raycasting, as raycasting is a more detailed form of detecting data from a grid. The radar wouldn't return grids specifically, but may return grid locales. Say you have a cloud of ship debris from a shredded capital ship. This would still be detectable from a moderate distance. While each individual grid is still relatively small by comparison. The radar would return a moderate signature at a coordinate, You could then raycast, perhaps multiple times, to obtain more info. You could also have a more powerful radar via upgrading or using more rare resources allowing a more generally detailed return on how many signatures are where within that locale. Stealth would be an element but that is a different discussion altogether.

GGumby shared this idea 14/09/17 23:35
Tavran 15/09/17 00:30
This is what I've been wanting the most. There are already lots of cool ships floating around in space - but they are impossible to find. You can use mods to locate them instantly, but that is not fun either. Some form of balanced detection would be excellent (maybe it is expensive, takes time, uses lots of energy, or at least requires your location to be broadcast and/or attracts enemy npcs).