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Radar that finds enemy ships.
My suggestion would be to implement a radar system to find players. Space is vast and currently it is very difficult to find anybody to raid. My suggestion would be a 50 km radar that detects ships at varying ranges. Detect small ships at 10km detect medium ships at 30 km detect large ships at 50 km. i'm thinking about it being sonar type radar where it sends out a ping and if that ping hits the Hall of the ship it comes back to you with a signal. So of course if ships are hiding in a asteroid you won't see them. Same thing for planets if a ship is over the horizon or behind a rock or a mountain you won't see them you would need to hop in your ship and climb in elevation for the ping to potentially hit a Target.

uppermostking shared this idea 06/12/17 15:40
uppermostking 06/12/17 15:57
Just implementing a 10-kilometer ping would be a good idea