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Quick PvP Battle Mode
Battle Mode/Skirmish Mode/Quick Combat Mode What ever you want to call it. It should be an option for a DS to do a quick pvp game. It starts in a lobby where they choose a ship from their BP list and some premades, Perhaps all the ships in use during the match should be available in the ship select screen after each death. There should be some sort of point value to determine how powerful a ship is to help keep the fights as evenly matched as possible. The point limit should be selected by the host or by vote each game. The ability to set teams, show off ships being used, and maybe set a team paint job should be done in this lobby. Essentially the lobby should feel like flying around in creative with out any of the creative mode tools or abilities. Instead the terminal will only show lobby options such as teams, vote options, etc. Other than that they could joy fly their chosen ship around asteroids while waiting for the lobby to fill and ready up. Then when the lobby is ready and goes, it opens a new map, like going to the next mission in a scenario. It would be short mission where each team or player only has a set number of lives and the game is over when an entire team runs out of lives. With one map each of a default FFA, TDM, CTF, Base Defense, and Ship Escort mission, the mod community will make a great deal more from those templates. With the map being refreshed after each battle, the debris of past space battles won't slow down the game like current PvP servers. After each mission they go back to the lobby to start again. This mode would attract a different type of gamer, but mainly it will give us a structured way to test out our combat vessels. It doesn't have to be perfect right away either, just slap a reminder that it's beta when they choose the mode so all the new gamers it attracts know to chill on complaints of bugginess. The community will no doubt come up with countless ways to modify the balance and style of the mode later so any balance problems early on can be remedied along the way so it's best to consider it an evolving project from the start. When you consider the support a new set of gamers could add with as many bug reports can come from people pushing the extremes of the game as well as a dedicated PvP environment can, it seems like a good idea for the near future of the game. It may also make a good environment to have stable before testing any more advanced combat AI for ships that may be developed in the future.

doncdxx shared this idea 15/09/17 19:23