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Quick paint mode
Hiye dev's. Maybe it's a fun idea to have a sort of quick paint mode. Where you select 2 colors, one original and one new. This is handy for creating the multiple copies of a ship with different color schemes. Or if the player decides to want a white ship with red accents in stead of black with green.

Roxstar shared this idea 31/08/17 11:45
Roxstar 31/08/17 14:32
How do I see this work: Option A (standard) - The player has a button in the color picker window where he selects two colors. Color A is the old one, Color B the new. - The player selects a grid. Option B (more advanced but user friendly) - The Player selects a grid. - A new "replace color" window opens where on the left side all the colors used in the grid are listed. on the right side it's the same as the color picker window already implanted. - The player selects a color that needs to be replaced. - The player selects a color that will be used. From my limited game design knowledge I make the assumption that every block has a local variable that stores the RGB value's. So the system has to look in the grid for a certain value (color A) and change these values to the new color (Color B)
XeroCreator 08/09/17 02:27
Or you could have a 'paint' block where you can use scroll wheel and instead of scrolling through the blocks it scrolls through the colors you set in the p menu. (fyi you can also use [ and ] to move between these (or at least that's my hotkey)