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Purpose for beacons
Just a thought as to give beacons a little more meaning that just a name display. Beacons while active project a zone that is "owned" by said player/faction. Only faction members can build there but items can still be destroyed. This would implement a sort of claiming system that would give beacons a larger purpose and a new level of depth in terms of player interaction as well.

TheAmazingTaco shared this idea 17/08/17 22:40
burukay 18/08/17 05:36
will the range of the beacon be set as claim or preset like block limit?
zorgkirill 18/08/17 09:54
It would also be great if some invisible force (like beacon radius) protected voxels around base from diggers with drills. Lets say, when somebody is digging on the enemy beacon territory, his mining speed is 100-1000 times decreased, to persuade rambo's with handdrills not to destroy bases from inside and under. I tried such type of attack by myself, and it's really a powerfull and a bit unfair method, which makes building a defended ground base useless in MP. The only good way is to hide your base for now.
TheAmazingTaco 18/08/17 20:39
I suggested this and have a little more to expand on this topic. I have to agree with Burukay that the current beacon limit would be ridiculous on planets but in space it wouldn't be that much of an issue. The block limit idea does have some merit but instead of a hard limit maybe issue it along the terms of power requirement. Voxel protection would be interesting as well. The last thing I wanted to add is that it should be made on only work on stationary objects/objects that are mounted to a voxel. This would prevent some issues along the lines encroaching. **Discussion point: how would you deal with beacon area overlap!
Rity 18/08/17 20:43
I'm all for any implementation of Territory control. I would also really like if in this some form of offline protection was considered, because atm that's a huge reason many people, myself included, don't want to play MP.
Tharatan 19/08/17 20:33
This is an interesting idea, and Rity's point about offline protection in a beacon zone is also good. An example implementing this is found here: and if used as a claim block (similar to M.E.), the beacon's maximum range could be either be reduced or power requirements drastically scaled up with range (perhaps to the square of the current requirements?). In regards to colliding beacon zones, I would think that having the oldest continually-powered beacon to claim a zone having priority would work - so your enemy's beacon built right outside your beacon's range wouldn't reduce your claimed space UNLESS you let your beacon run out of power.
TheAmazingTaco 22/08/17 23:21
I like the power idea. Perhaps encroaching could be an option, the more power you supply the stronger the signal. Though it would require a power slider for the beacon. Also this is not supposed to be form of protection but a claiming system. If you want to protect your stuff when you are offline, turrets work just fine. Also made a post about the combat system as it needs an overhaul badly.
AutoMcD 06/09/17 02:52
Currently there IS actually a purpose.. to make a GUI label blip at a fraction of the power of an antenna. It's entirely feasible for a solar panel/battery setup to keep a beacon going indefinitely.. and It's much lower power commitment to slap one to a vehicle to prevent it from getting lost. I'm not against the idea of expanded function, just wanted to mention it.
Soultechnology 08/09/17 23:34
i agree wiht this, BUT... beacons would have to inherently become way more expensive and power hungry to limit range on such a thing. and would have to be a station only item that shuts off when converted to a ship to limit problems with this kinda thing.
ChrisHiss 14/09/17 21:08
I do not agree, I prefer it stays like that. I don't want Space engineers to become minecraft pvp faction
Shadows 14/09/17 22:41
I feel like the title of this could be better. I just posted a similar idea for territory control. But this feature would effectively be the same as my suggestion.
dcar 14/09/17 23:23
Interesting idea, but converting a beacon (or adding a new block) into a territory claim unit could be abused if not done properly. In order to claim space, one should be forced to build it on the surface of a planet, moon, or asteroid so it can't be on a station which is then converted into a ship, moved, and then converted back into a station. Alternatively, the territorial claim might need to forbid you from converting your ship into a station and activating the claim if it detects that any part of the sphere of claimed area would overlap with another territorial claim if if allowed such an activation.
Sheepitaur 16/09/17 05:50
I'm with @ChrissHiss on this one. There shouldn't be set protected zones. Space is the final frontier. It's meant to be rough and dangerous in multiplayer. The purpose of a faction is to build a base that can withstand enemy forces.
HighGround 16/09/17 07:08
This would be a good way to make the beacon more useful. - Beacon claims 50,000m area Zone of Control (ZoC) - Only Owner/Fraction permitted to build in ZoC - Mining Speed for non Owner/Fraction reduced 500% - Beacon requires power (the great the area the more power required) - Beacon would not longer broadcast, however when enter the beacons range you will be notified you enter Unclaimed/Friendly/Enemy Territory. Could even stat who owner/fraction is. - This would make protecting a fractions beacon a vital. Would also allow fraction to claim territory and horde resources, it would force enemy player to take control of sectors to get access to resources. - This new beacon system could also be applied to NPC as well. Pirates/Civilian Mining Companies/Stellar Military could all have control of sectors. This would greatly change how game would be played. It would make it harder to attack enemy bases as you couldn't tunnel thru an asteroid so quickly. Also when attacking a base capturing a medical room would be a huge accomplishment since you can't place blocks you be forced to capture and repurpose them.
raptor359 23/09/17 09:28
This is an amazing idea! But this should also make Beacons more power hungry and expensive to build making it more challenging to maintain territorial control!
KManALPHA 26/09/17 16:26
I think a new "security block" with expanded features may be better than the beacon for this specific idea.
Kezeslabas 29/09/17 17:00
I like the idea to use the Beacons this way, but I think it shouldn't protect an area but it's own grid from welders and grinders.
amrylin1337 01/10/17 20:40
We don't need this land claiming BS in Space Engineers. If Beacons have work done on them it needs to be all gameplay mechanics like range increases, scripting functionalities (for distress calls and such), interactions know...BEACON things. Not land claim . No no no.
FullSized 03/10/17 07:55
You don't need a beacon to do this. Just use a forcefield mod or a area protection mod. There are several very good ones. That said almost no multiplayer servers will run it and those that do won't have any players. Look at all the servers that advertise "NO PVP". NObody is on them. This is possibly one of the worst ideas I've ever heard.
ChrisHiss 03/10/17 20:31
No territory claiming in vanilla game! Or it has to only be an option/a mod!
TheAmazingTaco 03/10/17 21:06
Please provide an explanation on why you think it wouldn't go well with the game. The goal of this post is to allow for players to objectives to go after when fighting AI and to allow MP to have more depth.
amrylin1337 04/10/17 04:02
The only other block that has an interaction with Meta mechanics is the Cryochamber which, while it could be more interesting, preserves your inventory and position while you're logged out. I don't want a Beacon to serve as some generic survival Plinth that people use in games like Life is Feudal to make a land claim. Land claim is convoluted and unnecessary. I want beacons to do beacon things, provided we can dream them up. What you want is a land claim block. Not an improvement for beacons.
Mater 27/01/18 16:41
So if I fly in to this zone with a beacon of my, I will also be able to build right? Also what about advanced weaponary which includes automated warhead building?
mikrogen 30/03/18 13:37
We consider something like this.