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Provide more features and mechanics that allow for Crewmember Roles
I want to see a PULSAR or Artemis: Ship Bridge Simulator situation commonplace in Space Engineers gameplay. I think this should be good for PvP, Exploration, Roleplay, anything you can think of. Some of this is possible already as different crewmembers can fly the ship itself, pilot drones or control turning certain blocks on and off...but...we want everything possible from Captains( Text and VOIP mechanics for giving commands, splash commands to specific players, etc), Weapons Specialist(Operating Turrets and other weapons, deploying explosives, loading weapon racks) Science Officers (Scanning, Researching, Collecting) and whatever else seems fun like Medics, Marines (Suits that matter for the job at hand anyone?). All of the above can and should be supplemented by other features we all want to see and Marek has mentioned before in the blog of intending to work on anyway.

amrylin1337 shared this idea 21/09/17 08:20
Zanderaf 21/09/17 19:02
I like the idea of scanning researching, maybe it would give us more incentive to make science labs or other stuff like that on our command ships and bases
Ramxius 08/10/17 00:13
Multiplayer still has drastic issues that prevent the kind of gameplay that this post suggests, but I really like where your head is here. SE's biggest problem is that you can build all kinds of things in it, but trying to share the experience with others is mostly relegated to the workshop, where they can only enjoy it themselves for fear of lag, mismatches, and sim speed drops. That said, I see a TON of people building ships with a row of control panels implied to be "weapons control stations" Sadly...sitting in one of these stations gives you control over most of the ship's functions...and last i checked...multiple players in a vehicle can cause control issues (such as inverting steering, or causing the passenger to become the pilot, etc.) What we need is a "programmable control station" that you can link to a specific block and say, "This station controls this", similar to how you use a button panel to open your hangar doors, this block would allow control of the linked turret/linked wheels/linked gyroscopes...whatever...but NOTHING ELSE. so that if your turret is destroyed, you're either scrambling to make repairs like a good armory officer, or you're flying across the width of the ship to get in another station to man another turret.
Korish 20/10/17 19:45
I dunno if any of you have ever played the old game "tribes". What if different space suits gave you different roles? Marine suites have armor, and support more diverse weapons but cant build much. Command suits can pilot ships, engineeer suits can build everything, weapons specialist suits can control turrets..... We can include bonuses to each of these actions with each suit. There would still be a generic suit that could do everything without bonuses. Then, chairs and cockpits could be restricted by suit type.
amrylin1337 21/10/17 01:08
As far as suits I have other thoughts that I'd prefer. Suits can complement gameplay roles but shouldn't be like a class loadout system in an FPS. Fundamental mechanics need to first exist to allow for the kind of Bridge-Simulator or Crewmember role functionalities that I'm interested in. That being said I would love to see new suit types balanced around survival gameplay. Part of what would make pressurized environments more compelling is if you can't do as much in a Space Suit, forcing you to walk inside of a ship more often in civilian/military attire .It stands to reason that the suits are heavy for instance, so theyd be tougher to use in gravity.