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Projector should hold blueprints and let user easily select from them.
Right now the projector interface is through the file system to add blueprints. This is not a good solution as it requires access to the user's file system. I propose a two-step system for projectors 1. Allow the user to select from a list of blueprints that the projector 'knows' about. These blueprints would be stored in the projector object itself (like they are now, but allow a list). 2. Allow the user to add blueprints from the filesystem(workshop) to the projector. [optional] Allow separate permissions for adding a blue print to a list from selecting a known blueprint. Maybe make these permissions also available world-wide and/or add a Role (like Scripter) to the world permissions. This would allow scripts to access the list of known blueprints for a projector and select between them, but not require file system access for the script. Adding a script to the known list can only be done by players; not scripts.

Wicorel shared this idea 27/08/17 20:53
Wicorel 28/08/17 06:42
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SevenSins 28/08/17 07:02
I like this Idea. This way it's possible for one person to "store" blueprints of all faction ships in the projector and all other players are able to blueprint and construct them without having to own the blueprint or calling the person over every 5 minutes to change it. Would also make it simpler and faster to change blueprints since there would be one less uneccessary sub-menu.
sepen 28/08/17 11:09
Love it! Projecting and bolting on different parts of modular ships on-demand would be so much easier.