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Programmable block ownership / Help Coding
So, lets say you put down a programmable block down on your station and you have people in your faction building on your station. I have notice and i'm sure a lot of you have as well. When you put a script in lets say to manage your cargo containers. If on of the players in your faction placed down a cargo container then the programmable block will not recognize it and not use it at all. What i want added is for the programmable block to be able to use any block on your station that was placed by you or players in your faction. This would help get around the fuss of having to transfer the ownership of everything to one player. I know this was already said in other posts but i thought i might add it here as well. Would be nice to have the programmable block interface to have auto fill for when you are writing code. or suggest lines of code. This would greatly improve the programmable block and would help players who do not know C # better write code. Also would help out the people who do know it but have to keep looking at the wiki because they don't remember exactly how to write a line of the games syntax.

Reaper007 shared this idea 16/09/17 03:08