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programmable block for custom controls (read keys, and tell the ship what to do)
Currently, the game only provides a single, very limited control system for an infinite number of vehicle types, which has many drawbacks e.g. what if you want to go half throttle? Limit your rotation to prevent crashes when uplift engines are facing wrong direction? Or only use inertia dampening to keep your height? Set autopilot coordinates without going through multiple menus, but using keyboard shortcuts? Disable just some Lights, not all of them? Having "H" engage Hyperdrive on interplanetar cargo ships, and whatever else on a small atmospheric mining vessel? All this could be solved with ease by a) adding the control module ot vanilla (why the heck limit keybindings to those few keys Keenswh is using) b) allowing to disable all keybindings (except exit seat) of control cockpits (i want to use "Y" key without reactor powering down xD c) implement / open up high level functionality for controlling ship rotation, acceleration (dampeners in certain directions), and wheels let the PB handle the rest using the existing GridTerminalSystem interface, that is already working perfectly You could provide a default control script for those who don't code, But the community will supply them with all the tools they need for refined controls (like it already happened with e.g. inventory management) Note that this would also simplify good drone control (Fleet Command Incoming)

Karthaan shared this idea 01/09/17 23:27