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Production Tab Default Assember needs to be selectable as "Main Assembler"
It would be easiest if I described my problem as it pertains to my Crashed red ship build: I have 3 assemblers: - Assembler Prime - Assember Assist - Scrapper The Prime is the one I want to be active whenever I open the production tab. The Assist is just in co-op mode, and is rarely interacted with. The Scrapper is set to Disassemble, repeat ON (so it breaks down whatever is placed into it) The problem: Scrapper is the default assember whenever I open production tab from the Cockpit or remote control. So, in order to actually qeue up any assembly, I have to first open the assembler list, and select Assembler Prime. EVERY TIME. [so a general gamplay category] I have tried to remove and replace the assemblers completely in an order that would have scrapper be on bottom of the list (by presumably being the lowest assember #) BUT that doesnt seem to matter- for whatever reason no matter what I want or chose how to build them Scrapper is the default assembler on the production tab. argh! [so a UI bug category] So: suggestion. Probably a simple one: Have a Check box in the Assemblers control panel, similar to cockpit/remote controls, saying "main assembler"- meaning this is the assembler selected when you open the production tab. So things like co-op mode assemblers, and Scrappers like I setup wont get in the way of work getting done. :)

Calaban shared this idea 12/03/18 01:13