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pressure plates
I know i know we have sensors...but there very difficult to work with especially with doors so my idea wwas a pressure plate simple just a pressure plate can hold 1 commapnd and is easy to use. this will also expand ideas by making them easier such as having a small grid pressure plate on a hand made landing gear and as you fly up the pressure plate wont touch the ground and will get the gears to fold up ...ect

toilet shared this idea 24/10/17 00:20
Maybesomeday85 30/10/17 16:42
For doors easiest way probably would be just to add new doors ingame. Advanced doors, which has sensors and few options on/off options. Open door when player in sensor range on/off. Close door when no player in sensor range on/off. Sensor range option normal like current sensors. Small range 1 block in front of door. But for sensor plates i like idea and what you can do with them.
ronin 30/10/17 22:56
yah thats also true