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Power info (in W/h, not %!) [Total], [Currently used] and [Time to shutdown] in Ship/Station terminal
This is very important information to see in terminal in real-time. It'll help player with power management without ingame scripts.

Eclair shared this idea 22/08/17 13:43
JustRyan 22/08/17 16:53
It would also be nice to see the average power draw/input over the day duration on that world so i can see whether my solar panels are generating enough electricity each day to keep my batteries charged
xphoenixxx 05/09/17 08:10
I too would like to see the physical totals in the terminal info tab..
AutoMcD 06/09/17 21:23
I like the % for ships, but at a control station there should be more display options such as detailed power usage/statistics.