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Power distrabution
this is an idea a friend and I had were you would have like this switch box were you could divert power from some systems into others basically I want to be able to overclock my ship if that makes sense. I think its a cool idea and I do think it would enhance immersion. Think "We need more power scotty!!!"

steelphantom67 shared this idea 04/10/17 06:17
Hawk24rus 05/10/17 16:59
Actually there is no need to have a separate option for that, because you can just turn off, or override modules to lower values for less power consumption, to get free power which will divert to other systems, which you want to. But i think it would be great, if there was an option to get more output from reactor/battery for a short time, at the cost of integrity of the module itseld, or very ineffectively (for long time periods but acceptable for e.g. an emergency jumpdrive recharge) large uranium consumption
Onslaught2000 07/10/17 00:49
I like this idea, because I have also though about setting up a way to have reactors create to only power some parts of your ship, and not other parts of it, and if i want i can tell it to help out with power if the main power is not enough.