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post processing suggestion
First off I love the new visuals and the sound is amazing but if you could have the option to turn off that blur aroungd the edge of the screen or atleast have it not show up when your in spectator or when your helmates off that would be awsome

steelphantom67 shared this idea 21/02/18 23:52
NikolasMarch 05/03/18 19:08
the new visual 'capabilities' added to the game are great, but for the love of GOD, give us some better control over them, not everyone likes the over the top settings that is set in vanilla that just few individuals decided on, and why oh why do we have to use a mod to alter these settings, these are graphics options they should be properly controllable from the game's graphics options, please allow us to experience these new visuals how 'we' like them, without either headaches, or forced to switch off all post processing effects!