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Portable Oxygen Canister
Aesthetics and Survival Gameplay - The actual GIANT bottles can stay in the game as a way to transport / transfer oxygen to refill ships, stations, Medbays. - A small canister will look better, will make sense, will help with immersion. - Having it as an object that you can use, store, grab and manipulate, like a tool. - It could be rechargeable or perhaps disposable... and crafteable. - Emergency O2 shot. - Easy to transport, can use small conveyor tubes. - There is probably more reasons... do you have any? - Cons? Video Example:

Spets shared this idea 06/11/17 02:06
forcedminer 08/11/17 16:06
I like the thought of it. sort of on a dolly like this? . puts me in mind of red faction guerrilla where you can pick up and carry around explosive Canisters but in space engineers you can then collect it to grids to supply them with gases or something. and of course explodes when shot due to pressurized gas