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Players being able to regulate how strong inertial dampeners are.
we had a period of ships having extremely strong inertial dampeners, then they were nerfed considerably, now they are too weak and will probably be increased again. there are people who like them weak and there's people who like them strong, make a slider to regulate how strong inertial dampeners are in a cockpit / remote controll block. that way we have the option to make HUGE ships responsive to stop in place instead of drifting about endlessly, and fighters wont be stopping abruptly when they're eventually buffed. adding a slider with inertial dampener strength to the cockpit, remote control, controll station and the flight seat, you'd make a whole lot of people very happy.

Rivvion shared this idea 21/10/17 00:03
posthy 24/10/17 15:52
Dampeners should be just as strong as manual braking. You should build balanced designs. That's the most realistic way, I think that's how it's now, and that's how it should be.
Rivvion 30/10/17 10:35
@Posthy the point is that there's a need to regulate dampener strength BETWEEN ''dampeners breaking at max thrust'' and ''dampeners off'' because the way it is now you are either breaking at full force or no force at all, which is really limiting in many ways mainly small-grid ships, but small large-grid ships would need it as well.
posthy 30/10/17 13:05
@Rivvion That's not what you wrote originally, you talked about earlier, strong dampeners with multiplied force. Regulate between zero and max force instead of just on or off could be nice, although I didn't feel the need for it so far.