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Player model redesign.
How about making the game more realistic by redesigng the player model were all pieces of your suit can be taken off and put on s shelf or stand. and when your not wearing the suit you will be a little faster the you were wear it.

Primoak6 shared this idea 26/09/17 08:26
DyingDarkStar 26/09/17 19:52
i like it
amrylin1337 27/09/17 04:38
I actually think the suit should be too cumbersome to wear without being -slower- than vanilla while in gravity. This way there is both a risk and a reason to keep yourself in an oxygen rich environment, especially on a ship in space. It would be nice to have more options for casual appearances, military ranks, etc, and both male and female models. I'd say only some very basic facial customization is necessary. Don't underestimate having at least a dozen or two hairs for each gender as well.