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Player Activity Logging
As far as I'm aware, there's currently no such thing as player activity logging in multiplayer. If somebody wanders into my base, hacks my cargo container, takes my ingots, and transfers ownership back to me ... then there's no record of it for a server admin to check. If the server admin has rules about no raiding/theft, then those rules are currently unenforceable because they can only take what people are saying as evidence unless the thief/vandal is stupid enough to leave themselves marked as the owner of some blocks they leave at the scene of the crime. The in-game implementation of this would need to allow an admin to check which users have edited blocks in a given area and show administrators what actions were taken in an intuitive way. For example, if John goes into Jane's base and grinds down Jane's refinery, then the admin should be able to show up and know that a refinery was removed by John about 7 hours ago and be shown a holographic highlight of what/where was changed on the admin's clientside GUI. If Jane goes to John's base and fires ship turrets at John's windows, then the admin should get a similar highlight with information saying Jane's ship shot these blocks 6.5 hours ago and then John repaired/replaced them 6 hours ago. With information like this, the admin would be able to learn that John started trouble and Jane retaliated.

dcar shared this idea 23/10/17 18:35