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Placing Blocks on Dedicated Servers
Whilst i was placing armour blocks on my asteroid base (both heavy and light) i noticed a significant drop in sim speed, from 1.00~0.90 right down to 0.17ish. After a few seconds the sim speed would return to normal. I dont know if it makes a difference or not but the block i was placing was on a grid on the inside of an asteroid i had dug out. However, it doesnt matter if i place the block on a part of the grid that was inside or outside of the asteroid, or the type of block as i tried with many different ones and still the same thing happened. The performance warning (Shift+F2) says its the update of physics. So even though the grid is static, is it still trying to calculate as if it were moving and crashing into the asteroid? Just a thought.

aleliabro shared this idea 08/10/17 18:03
Kimx123 09/10/17 23:34
I have this issue too, seems to be just with asteroids or ships docked to asteriod bases.