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Piston Heads Dimension Limitations
Slightly smaller/Slimmer physical boundary boxes for Piston heads and or cockpits. Currently a Large grid piston with the non fighter cockpit attached to the piston head will not fit through the center of a 3x3 square of light armor blocks. Attempting to raise my cockpit from the interior to the upper exterior of my ship would simply destroy my entire front end of my ship due to the infinite force of the pistons from the previous major update. I would appreciate it if we as players could have more flexibility in the usage of pistons as they are limited by the wide surface area of the piston heads.

aksnowmanaz1997 shared this idea 22/02/18 05:55
SuicideNeil 27/02/18 04:17
There needs to be clearance around blocks for them to be able to fit through a gap- what you're asking for is essentially zero clearance which is unrealistic and leads to extreme Clang attacks.