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Piston driven motors
Hello I love this game but i wanna get rid of some beef. Your internal rotors are a pain to play around with so when i searched the workshop i came across this mod: They made connecting multiple rotors together a real pleasure, making moving ramps or hangar doors a reality. Easy to repair or replace they quickly improved my learning ladder which made this game very addictive in no time. I used them as piston driven motors as they exist in real airplanes or even the space shuttle to deploy the landing gear and open hangar doors. These rotating pieces mostly have a limited angle and are very powerful and to me quickly the question arose why physics is even acting on them if a movement of 90° or 180° is mostly used to perform the desired goals. Reducing the amount of rotors used and aligning the sub-grids in the same angle as the main grid if moving slowly with a max speed of 0.5 per example should increase performance. Can this be implemented in the game?

ravadja shared this idea 05/01/18 14:37