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Ping from players in F3 players list
There is an issue with players with poor connection that causes low sim speed. Can the ping be added to know who cause it in players list?

Munieck shared this idea 26/09/17 00:38
handbanana 28/09/17 20:06 flag comment
Yes pls! And a ping limit to servers!
dcar 23/10/17 18:19 flag comment
If we're suggesting this, we should also think about reporting when somebody is detected as out of sync in that same menu.
TimPL 01/11/17 18:08 flag comment
szczepix 01/11/17 18:21 flag comment
We need that so much. 27/02/18 17:36 flag comment
Server sim speed is not affected by clients' poor connection or client sim speed.
clos 27/02/18 18:01 flag comment
How is it not affected? If the server sends information to the client and the client takes a very long time to respond, does the server not slow down to wait for the reply? 28/02/18 08:43 flag comment
Surely not. It is against our architecture. We also made extensive tests to make sure this is not happening.
TimPL 28/02/18 17:33 flag comment
Tests carried out on 4x server Space engineers and 3 dedicated machines Each machine has a 250mb/s. 1. A huge freeze when joining a new player. 2. People who have ping above 200, negatively affect server simspeed. I do not know how you test servers, but if joining one with ping +300 will cause a -50% speed drop ... then something is wrong.
TimPL 28/02/18 17:36 flag comment
Simply enter information about player's ping :)
clos 28/02/18 19:11 flag comment
Log-in lag is something that i'm far more willing to put up with than a single slow connection making it impossible for other players to play. I wonder if I connected to a server with +200 latency how it would affect the server sim. I'll test it tonight after work and report back.
mikrogen 30/03/18 13:39 flag comment
Ping will be shown in F3