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Picture in picture
I would like to see the ability to have picture in picture, 2 hud elements ( one of each side of the screen for example) where you can show livefeed from cameras. Either cameras placed on the spacecraft youre piloting or cameras attached to grids connected to you thru antennas. I love playing these kind of games in first person but about half of my screen is obscoured by the drills in my ship, imagine if I could have 2 PiPs there instead? Perhaps a rearfacing camera and another showing the outside of the drill? And keybinds for cycling thru availabe cameras on my ship and another bind for other grids? And its almost impossible to pilot big grids without cameras.

Qvi5t shared this idea 20/10/17 12:26
Qvi5t 20/10/17 12:28
Oh and the link to Google drive is my screenshot showing how obscoured the view is, and the second is one I found on google picture search. It is showing how Arma 3 does PiP.
Qvi5t 20/10/17 12:37
And here is a link to how it could look like!