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Personal Battery
Hi i had an idea on personal batteries. Like an Oxygen and Hydrogen Bottle is used to refil space suit, personal battery wil auto refil energy on droping below 20%( like other bottles). Personal battery can be recharged again at( open conception): 1. Any rector, give ability to set a mode(* see below concept) 2. Batteries - add a smal built in conveyor slot for it, allow to charge Batteries to personal an vice versa or else.. 3. Add a charger Block which will accept batteries and uranium. --It will have an option -Mode- to set to: Power rest of grid like reactor using it uranium in it , reactor mode -'Power Only'; Like before but batteries also- 'Power All' Recharged Batteries, use uran to charge batteries only - 'Self Power' Transfer power from Batteries to Rest of grid not using any uranium "discharge personal" -'Small Power'- Batteries like this could bu used also to power any grid for some time. Set charger block to 'Smal Power' mode :) Thx

MrNice shared this idea 26/09/17 01:40
MrNice 26/09/17 01:42
Make a slider limit for uranium to drain..
Munieck 26/09/17 04:08
The basic concept of the item is good... mobile small battery :) Just simple recharge option when in cargo of powered grid (may also charge it when grid out of power - example the new grid to power up conveyors to suck uranium to reactors)