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Per-user block grouping (scroll wheel groups)
The block grouping feature is something that invokes highly individual tastes. Some people hate it with a vengeance and don't want it at all, others like me feels it's not used _enough_. Please allow us to customize this grouping ourselves in a way that does not require a mod, and will work cross-server so we don't have to be imposed whatever the server owner likes.

malwaredev shared this idea 22/08/17 16:54
XkyDiver 23/08/17 03:38
Forgive my ignorance: What is the block grouping you're referring to? Do you mean in the Terminal Window where you select multiple blocks and type in a Group Name for them, which then sits at the top of the list? What exactly are you proposing to customize?
Hellogoodbye 03/09/17 16:23
Personally I would love to put all window blocks on one or two hotkeys and scroll through them since there are so many.
malwaredev 17/09/17 21:17
XkyDiver As it says in the title: Scroll wheel groups. The blocks you can select between with the scroll wheel when placing blocks.