Space Engineers Feedback

Passive and Hostile Mobs/NPC Spawns
Alright, imagine a wolf. Fluffy canine, likes to hunt other animals for food, right? Now imagine that wolf attacking a warehouse building, ripping at the metal panels on the walls. Does that make sense to you? Maybe it's insane, you say. Okay, maybe it is. But... how about a whole pack of them doing it? That... is a little odd. Remember the old Cyberhounds? The robotic dogs that would rip at your grids and blow up? They made a bit more sense, because they were robots. I don't think we should have regular wolves destroying people's bases and ships. Attacking characters, sure. But a space ship? Really? What I think we should do is have both Wolves and Cyberhounds (or something similar). Wolves would be passive to grids, but hostile to characters, and spawn far more frequently than Cyberhounds. They wouldn't contain any inventory upon death (unless a life support system is added, then they could drop meat or something). Cyberhounds would be hostile to both grids and characters, and be able to explode. However, they would spawn much less frequently. For example, every 1 out of 10 wolves spawned would instead spawn as a Cyberhound. Cyberhounds would contain random components, just like before.

Absolarix shared this idea 18/09/17 00:25