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Parts breaking off ships become ghost blocks
In survival, when you place 3 blocks in a row and grind down the middle one, one of the other 2 blocks becomes a ghost block. You can still grind it down (if your know where it is) but even when its all gone, it still appears completed. Making it hard to differentiate between actual blocks and none existing blocks. When you re-log on the server, the ghost blocks are gone.

niceone548 shared this idea 25/08/17 14:13
szczepix 25/08/17 22:21
ichiyo77 27/08/17 00:35
i confirm this on small vessel too. It happens since new update (183.1). You can weld few blocks but if you grind them and separate from vessel, you can't grind separated blocks.
Jerrry 28/08/17 15:53
Hi, please try the latest hotfix 1.183.103 and let me know if it is fixed. Thank you! :) Kind regards Ondrej, KeenSWH
ichiyo77 29/08/17 00:33
It's seem to be fixed in my dedicated server game. szczepix : can you confirm that ?
mikrogen 29/08/17 16:24
Fixed in hotfix 1.183.103