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Parallax mapping (virtual height mapping) for voxels - and, possibly, models.
Adding parallax mapping would make voxels look infinitely better and make full use of PBR texturing. At an angle, a cliff face currently looks like this: But, with parallax mapping, they could look like this: The difference is night and day. Parallax mapping uses a greyscale height channel which could either be added as a separate one channel greyscale texture, or, for voxels, be placed in the unused alpha channel of the _add texture file. Since it has been common practice to use a default black alpha channel, incorporating a height channel there would have no impact on existing texture mods. A default black height channel still leaves the normal working as it should. This would make planets look infinitely better, and could be used for models, ore stones, even the stone foliage to make it look more realistic... and, because it doesn't involve adding polygons, it's better looking voxels and models without the performance hit from extra polygons. Please, let Space Engineers make use of PBR texturing to it's fullest potential!

entspeak shared this idea 06/11/17 05:41
HunterDigi 06/11/17 05:47
This can also be used on blocks to add detail (especially on LODs), on deformed armor blocks and on decals! The explosion marks they would look so much better on terrain with some deceiving depth.
admiralpeck 14/11/17 03:01
yeah deformed armor needs this, because right now deformed armor looks like a torture device