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Paint Behind Small Objects
The current way of painting in space engineers works fairly well for painting while building, and for painting large blobs of structure, but it can be difficult to do fine paint work after construction is complete. Even when something tiny is in the way, such as an interior light on top of a wall, the object behind this tiny object cannot be painted without either destroying it, or doing a large-area paint and the repainting the objects you didn't want to touch back to the original color. This is due to the paint tool working on a whole-block basis. My suggestion would be to be able to use the paint tool in such a way that it uses the collision data instead of the entire block, much like how the welder can reach objects behind other smaller objects. I realise there is a mod currently to do something similar, but I feel like this would be a huge improvement to the painting experience and really should be a vanilla feature.

Muffiny shared this idea 27/08/17 09:29
SevenSins 28/08/17 07:07
I remember it being collision based instead of wohle-block based back then and I absolutely agree that it can be painful to paint Blocks behind interior Details etc. Don't know why they've changed it.