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Ownership inheritance - Wheels, Rotor Heads and Piston Heads
At this time, all wheels on suspensions, rotor heads and piston heads show up in the Space Master entity lists as unowned, and a default Large Grid #### or Small Grid #### designation. This makes it difficult for server admins to tell them apart from single-block trash grids, leading to cluttered servers and frustrated admins. Please fix this so that wheels/rotor-heads/piston-heads inherit the ownership of the parent grid, and/or the parent grid name, such as "Xocliw's Rover-wheel####"

Tharatan shared this idea 17/08/17 22:25 18/08/17 12:13
In some situations, it is hard to tell which one of the two grids connected via rotors / pistons is the main grid - thus who should inherit from whom. We will try to find some solution. Thank you for the report.
pingger 18/08/17 12:18
I think, that wheels always should inherit the ownership of the parent (since it's clearly defined). With rotors/pistons, it is a bit more complicated, BUT not impossible: Unowned Rotor Head gets connected, set ownership to the same as the rotorbase Owner Rotor Head gets connected, do nothing (leaver ownership as is) New Rotor Head is spawned (by rotor base), inherit ownership of rotor base. Same for pistons.
Korfio 18/08/17 13:42
The root grid should be determined by the player at will, like in some KSP mods. This would ensure we know what's going on and have some control over subgrids (and by extension their physics).
pingger 18/08/17 13:50
But you can only connect and disconnect from the base, the head is only a nonfunctional block by itsself (nonfunctional not in the way of implementing "IMyFunctionalBlock", even if this is also true)
Korfio 18/08/17 14:32
People use wheels as decoration so they're not always a subgrid...
pingger 18/08/17 15:01
in that case, the subgrid isn't a few-blocks-only subgrid without an owner. Also somebody must have build the wheel ...
Tharatan 18/08/17 19:54
You could make a first pass at this to apply it as an inheritance check/subgrid naming check that fires when suspension blocks use the "add wheel" function. Same with rotors - tie the inheritance/subgrid naming to the "add rotor head" function (both sizes), and initially ignore the less-frequent case of players building separate rotors heads and manually moving them into position for use with the "attach" function.
aikiwolfie 12/10/17 18:40
I would say the larger grid should be assumed to be the parent. In most cases that would be a fairly safe assumption. You could override this with exceptions. For example if a cockpit is tagged as the main cockpit. And again, give the larger grid priority if there is a conflict with two main cockpits. It would then be upto players to play to the rules of the game.
nukeguardmods 16/10/17 04:08
Wheels connected via suspension blocks should inherit host grid name.