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Orbiting And Speed
First make the max speed limit realistically just under the speed of light and after a you reach .10C (C is light) display the speed in .C not m/s. Then add an escape velocity for all the planets. At this point you can make an orbit as well. A orbit UI in the ship would be useful for showing the required speed the speed you need to reach your direction and how your orbit looks around the planet. Also add presets for orbit and an auto pilot for it. As for getting between planets when you use the jump drive your ship should keep its velocity and direction. For getting to other planets just using thrusters I can't think of anything for that.

Princetondog shared this idea 15/09/17 00:48
malwaredev 17/09/17 20:36
The speed limit is there for a real technical reason. 100m/s is not an arbitrarily chosen value. They _can't_ increase the speed limit significantly. Sorry.
Jonathon594 22/09/17 08:20
I agree with this idea, however like the person before me said technical reasons they cant increase the speed limits to realistic values you would see in realistic interplanetary travel, numbers up in the 13km/s speeds, even with smaller planets and stars the speeds could be ridiculous. I want to see more realism put into this game. Its one of the biggest things that put me off from playing it is the blatant lack of realism for gravitational mechanics. But it would require a lot of framework rewriting. Kerbal Space Program did create this exact feature but that game doesn't have all the complexities this one does when it comes to walking around inside ships and such. It would be cool. But I don't think we will have processors capable of handling this for a while :/
Jonathon594 22/09/17 08:22
As an addition to my previous comment. What I would like to see is the speed limit bumped up a bit depending on how much it can handle. And the universe made smaller. for example. 1 planet as the center of the play area and small moons around it. The sun would just be off in the distance. The moons would orbit the planet in the center on rails. and the orbital speeds required to fly around these things could be significantly slower. It takes approx 3km/s of acceleration to go from earth orbit to the moon but if you make the planets much small this could be easily 300m/s