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Orbit Computer
A block that can be added to large ships which will calculate the speeds necessary to orbit the planet/moon in which it is attracted to gravitationally. Perhaps withing a certain range e.g. 0.7g to 0.1g (or 70% to 10% (or 20% if the gravity is say 0.25g at most, on moons) of the maximum g that you experience) so that you cannot orbit too low nor so far that you are not close enough to be attracted to the planet. With thrusters, your ship will then move into the speed required to be in orbit, and inertia dampeners would have to be turned off, obviously. This allows people to construct space stations (the term "station" would have to be used quite lightly as it would technically have to be a large ship to have the thrusters), and I think that that is a pretty cool thing. It would be awesome not only to see the planet from the station, but to see the station from the planet.

spengbob shared this idea 27/10/17 10:37