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Option to disable Physical Shape Limits
Due to the nature of the Physical shape limits, placing or building capital sized (massive) ships is not possible. Either a warning occurs or crashing without warning. Also, attempts to circumvent this issue by splitting a ship in parts and attaching by connectors is not feasible, it seem the physical shape limit is still in place, even for connecting parts/ships. Grids should always be independent physical shapes, but it does not behave as such. Now some people might not meddle in massive ships, but some player's computers are able to handle such beasts, even if flying is not intended, this is still a big issue. Also, some people may not have run into this issue before the update was released to limit shapes and cannot roll-back SE.

QuixoticMix shared this idea 05/09/17 00:14
jandraelune 16/09/17 11:20
This limit is a limit of the Physics engine they are using which Havok, beyond that point the Havok breaks (crash). That is why the limit is there. Only way around this is for them to make their own physics engine.
QuixoticMix 20/09/17 20:15
I know Havok is the culprit, but why continue developing on a software who's stable release was 6 years ago. DirectX 9s stable release was 7 years ago and Keen is phasing that out in favour of DX11, so why not Havok? There are other game physics engine out there: Physx, Bullet, and Newton for example. Or as you say, an in house physics engine. 08/12/17 13:15
Should be possible to build any sized ship, although without working physics.
QuixoticMix 13/12/17 21:18
Thanks a million!! I'm actually genuinely surprised and grateful that Keen has addressed this. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!