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Occlusion Culling
Occlusion culling would be nice. Give users, like myself, on low-end systems that extra FPS boost.

Phoenix84 shared this idea 01/08/17 17:32
mikrogen 17/08/17 11:52
Please be more specific about: 1. Your system, what is your hardware and OS? 2. What exactly is slow in SE in your case? How to reproduce it? By knowing anf profiling these issues we can get into much more effective optimizations, than a need of Occlusion culling implementation.
Eclair 18/08/17 11:50
I think this is MUST HAVE feature for SE. It'll greatly increase game performance and overall gameplay. Make this: into perfect this:
KissSh0t 18/08/17 14:17
"Occlusion Culling is a feature that disables rendering of objects when they are not currently seen by the camera because they are obscured (occluded) by other objects." I think this would benefit the game greatly, especially if you are still going to be porting it to console. I've had instances of being inside a spaceship with no view of a planet, but looking in the direction of a planet and noticing the frame drop..... at least this has been the behavior in the past, I haven't noticed it since updating my video card.
Krienas 20/08/17 16:47
IMO it is something you need to have (if do not yet) if you have ambition to scale game in future. You know, I do not have FPS issues, because I do not do stuff which will cause them, because I know that game is not yet ready for that. But it doesn't mean that I do not want to have some larger scale battles, huge stations, etc.. I am clapping hands from joy seeing your efforts in performance area and wait hoping that all sorts of culling is part of that. :)
Sakanax 16/09/17 10:51
Also, last I checked, modded blocks are always rendering every polygon, but vanilla blocks do omit the polygons hidden by other blocks in the same grid. So for example using modded blocks takes a HUGE hit on performance if you use a ton of them. For example, observe what happens to the polygon count when you look at interior wall block, and then cover it in armor and watch the count go down. It doesn't do the same for modded armor from what I recall. I had to remove some modded blocks from a large ship I was working on and it boosted performance a lot for this reason.
zakimano 20/09/17 23:37
This is a great idea indeed, if you could disable the rendering of out-of-view blocks, it would affect performance (especially on mid- and low-end machines) in a positive way.