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NPC robots that you or NPC factions can use to build / mine / grind / trade with others
Some small floating NPCs that look something like this.. If you're in the same faction you can control them, and they will go grind down enemy grids, mine resources, weld your projections, and help you trade goods with either other NPC factions or players. All this would require some new UIs and blocks for building them/controlling their behaviors. Benefits: - The game becomes progressively easier to automate mining / building without resource intensive scripts (that break every update) to automate these tasks. This allows advanced setup players to then be able to focus on other things like fighting without having to invest hours in building a warship by hand. - A way to trade would open up. I'm thinking of maybe some type of trade screen UI where once you agree on a deal the NPC bots exchange the goods. - It opens the door to more interaction with NPCs in both single and multiplayer. The galaxy will no longer feel empty. - It takes all the boring tasks out of the game like cleaning up blown up enemy grids, looting dead spiders / wolves, building some blueprint for 100th time. Allows one to focus on higher level goals once they're 20+ hours in a game. - It opens the door for to make it easier to add advanced features such as NPC AI that mines resources / expands it's base without you having to make extremely complicated scripting to perform all those actions. Types of NPC Bots: - Welder Bot - Similar to the mod "Nanite Control Factory" would take resources, float over to a blueprint and construct it. It would repair damage. - Grinder Bot - Will float over to any enemy grids and grind them down. Will have advanced settings to decide what it will and won't grind. Will also pick up floating debris. - Miner Bot - Will float over to any resources within say.. 500 meters and mine them, then take the resources back. Will have advanced settings to define which resources to collect. - Trader Bot - Will have a separate UI screen to open a trade with either a player or NPC. UI screen will let you setup buy/sell orders so players can trade even when offline. When trade is agreed the Trader Bot will take the resources from your grid and send it to the other players grid. Must be within say... 500 meters to actually perform the trade, but buy/sell orders will be advertised over a much greater distance if the grid has a radio set to broadcast. These bots would be mid to late game, when starting a new game you would play as you do now and work towards building up your resources to afford these automated bots.

TwoSnake shared this idea 27/08/17 08:05
KaneCold 19/09/17 12:57
Can only vote for this ... If i could atleast ... seems I have to stick to hoping than. Also i would like out to the possibility to add some maintenance-option of the whole robo support ... manual and for later use also automated. With this I'm looking at planetbase.
KaneCold 19/09/17 12:58
... dang you comments ... can't ... edit ... why? +Like
DSCoverwerk 17/10/17 08:30
scripters already did some of those things, so it is definitly possible... if keen would expand the API to allow scripts to draw the information they need from their environement and also use all blocks. also, a godamn radar block! right now drone are quasy blind of their environement
Savagehunter924 18/10/17 01:21
Dude... those look sick I like it. I like it a lot.
BrotherPtolemy 03/02/18 01:11
Excellent idea! If I could expand upon that, I would love to see a RC humanoid robot replacement for the engineers, something that looks roughly like Chappie maybe? Something that can be controlled at antenna range via a specialized cockpit maybe? Basically something that could have a dual purpose as a combat NPC to go along with the current pirates and spiders and wolves ect. Maybe as something to crew NPC Pirate ships? I may end up just submitting my own post, but thats my 2 cents.