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Now that Safetylocking is gone we need a new way for ''locking'' rotors, i propose a ''handbrake'' much like the Wheels have.
With the removal of the Safety locking feature in today's update we are now again unable to keep rotors in place while they are effected by external forces. having a ''Handbrake'' option or a generally huge buff to Braking torque would allow us to have rotors tighten up much like real ones would be able to do. this link shows an example with additional information.

Rivvion shared this idea 17/11/17 21:11
guyz3776 18/11/17 02:54
Neraph 29/11/17 21:25
Why is "share inertial tensor" even a thing? It should be standard and built-in to the ships and they should have left the safety-lock override function in. After the rework, rotors and pistons still need a rework.
Rivvion 01/12/17 13:34
This should be in completed since it's been done right?