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Non-block items shouldn't be on a strict grid format
A single button panel getting in the way of a cat walk or light or that light being in the way of a pillar makes no sense. They don't work off of the grid format because their models aren't blocks, yet they work off of those physics when being placed. This makes aesthetic designs and compact cockpit/bridge formats either difficult or impossible. A simple solution to this would be to remove the placement restrictions on small items such as windows, pillars, lights, button panels, catwalks, etc. An even better, though more difficult solution would be to use a Fallout 4-esque building system for small blocks like these, allowing us to precisely turn, angle, and place these items while leaving bigger blocks to function as normal. This would allow for much more pleasing designs, as well as efficient lay outs.

Dequire shared this idea 26/12/17 12:33
kwik 14/01/18 15:47
like in medieval engineers
RegEd 30/01/18 12:24
True, but I'd still want a kind of grid 'high resolution placement grid' so that I could easily place things in the same position on different blocks/easily implement exact symmetry etc.