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New Stairs with Similar Design to Catwalks
A stair block that can either have hand rails or not. With a choice of left, right or both. The design of the steps should be the same as the plate and the hand rails be solid like the catwalk sides. Obviously the hand rails should seamlessly join to the catwalks sides and they should be able to be placed one after the other and look joined. Rather than having a cut off after every block.

aleliabro shared this idea 23/10/17 23:17
CptSavarus 13/01/18 14:39
You've got my vote! Since we already have the 2x1x1 stairs block, a 1x1x1 is what's needed. Using the old "vented" windows as stairs has its drawbacks - the biggest being air-tightness. I propose a 4th block option - "no handrails"; and also a similar set of block options to add hand rails to the existing 2x1x1 stairs.