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New ores for immersion and a more 'engineering' feeling
So something that has bugged me with SE for such a long time is that it's got such a small selection of ores, so it's easy to get tons and tons of the basic ores currently and do anything. It would probably be easy if you only added 1-2 new ores and went from that, but if you add for example, the below ores. you enhance the survival experience, the game has more of an engineering feeling to it, Coal - burn in blast furnace to smelt iron/other ores. possibly use as another power source on earth planet, can be found in mountains underground OR you can get a drop item from trees from the earth planet when placed in the blast furnace it provides a fuel source to smelt ores, once used up they become charcoal. (side note: could add a diamond 'ore' inside the coal in very small amounts, and diamond refines very poorly so you need a good bit of it to create enough refined diamond, and you use the refined diamonds to create a diamond drill bit component which is used to create the larger drills.) Copper - Used in components/blocks, copper can make wire components to add to blocks if computer components are needed. Aluminum - Used in light armor, is a mixture of aluminum and copper/magnesium/silicon Titanium - Used in heavy armor blocks, titanium plate instead of steel., made from titanium and magnesium Frozen Methane - another power source? maybe put only on alien planet or mars or the titan moon. Potassium Nitrate - should be found in 'caves'. i.e placed underground near ice sources., used in explosives. These obviously have multiple uses, and can be mixed to create things like explosives, Also for example, computers should require gold and a metal alloy (not iron). and copper can be used to create wiring components for the smaller sized functional blocks like cockpits and such. Feel free to comment if you have anything to add. I keep saying its Space Engineers, space being the vast expanse including planets and the unknown, and then engineers, which is what this idea is focused on, you would need to visit the alien planet for 'frozen methane' and only earth would have 'coal' for the blast furnace to smelt iron ore. so building a larger ship would require you go to/from the planets essentially and you would need titanium and magnesium to build titanium plates to use in creating heavy armor. and making light armor from aluminum would give it another feeling of 'armor'... or possibly just add different tiers of armor blocks, light, medium, heavy, or aluminum, steel, titanium. (i think many would like this idea)

XeroCreator shared this idea 07/09/17 12:01
AutoMcD 07/09/17 15:17
I've had similar thoughts. Copper is the biggest oversight in my opinion.. but the more I think about it, the more I realize that, gameplay wise, it just increases the grind. So they should probably be added sparingly. I'd like to see Carbon, it's used in high strength steel, electronic components, and also graphene for battery/superconductor purposes. Stone and silicon, if considered a ceramic insulator, should probably see more use than just reactor components. Carbon should also be the primary ore used to make plastic, highly important material. And I suppose fuel cells. I'd also like to see the manufacturing processes broken up a bit more, perhaps remove the overlap between the refinery and arc furnace. The assembler just magically prints parts it seems, but I feel that hot processes (ceramics, steel) should be separated from detailed assembly such as computers. It's also way too compact in size for what it does. Some of these processes should use up gas. I wouldn't want to break everything that's been made so far, so perhaps what would be better is to make new parts that do less things, but more efficiently, similar to how arc furnace only does metals but more efficiently than refinery.
DevonV 08/09/17 01:01
I've played with modded carbon and tungsten, it doesn't really change much as they are fairly common, but it seems right to have them. I also use the Better Ores mod which adds tons of real word ores which contain multiple elements, all in all it can be done without making things any more complicated.
XeroCreator 08/09/17 01:02
Yes carbon! I had a similar Idea with using the trees as dropped items (wood) and then when you use either wood or coal in a blast furnace to smelt ores, you get charcoal as it smelts. from charcoal you can do many things, like combine charcoal with refined ores with traces of sulfur in them to create gunpowder/ammo for the gatling and rifle ammo boxes. I do agree it does increase the grind but I think if we had a light/medium/heavy set of armor (aluminum, steel, titanium) there would be a happy scale and heavy armor would be difficult to use because it would be actually heavy and rarer to see on planets. Back to carbon though, using it for plastic based components makes sense, Using stone for more things is also a very very good idea, i currently have 'concrete blocks' on my server for this, as well as a 'mineral extractor'. I would agree with the second part of your post, but that's kind of a separate thing that should be added. There needs to be a sort of re-vamp on how the entire process works though, blast furnace needs to be useful, instead it's replaced by a refinery and you literally never need the block again. To put comments easy though, computers and the like should be created at a 'science' station type assembler, and all the metal components can be left at the current assembler. I like that idea, but it needs more 'refinement' lol
Play2X 08/09/17 21:53
I also wrote one of these suggestions myself, but I personally am more interested in Aluminium alloys, since it would make planes a tad bit lighter.