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GIVE US A RENDER DISTANCE SLIDER SO WE CAN HAVE GOOD LODs 1.) A Simple food system where plants may be harvested from planets and planted into a new block called the "Hydroponics Pod". The Pod, when powered, would consume ice and grow whatever plants are in it. Once they are grown and harvested, they have a certain amount of "Health" that would determine how long they stay fresh. (Food is either edible or not edible. No food poisoning, just edible or not edible.) Next, you would need a second new block called the "Food Processor" which doubles as a fridge. Anything inside of it lasts for a long time and can be processed in two ways. You can either cook it, which satisfies more hunger but lasts for a very short time. Or you can freeze dry it, which satisfies a lot less hunger but lasts forever. (Add a large variety of plants, maybe some selective breeding and you've got a good system) 2.) Weapons computers (and other computers) There are too many ships that are just lined with Gatling guns and rocket turrets that make an unfair advantage to the person who cares about the look of their ship and just cause lag. An easy and effective way to fix that is to add weapons computers. These blocks would be what controls turrets. without a weapons computer, (WC), The player would have to control the turrets manually. With a WC, a certain number of turrets could be controlled at peak effectiveness (Say 10 for example) every turret placed after 10 would reduce the targeting range, accuracy, rate of fire and reload speed of all turrets. so with 100 turrets and 1 basic WC, each turret would miss almost every shot, have a very close targeting range, reload slowly, and shoot slowly. A player can set priority turrets that will run at high efficiency compared to the other 100, but the best way to get all turrets at peak efficiency is to add more or higher tier WCs. The same system could be applied to other utilities, like maybe refineries and assemblers. 3.) Space Suit Stuff. Add two inventory slots that are shared exclusively between oxygen and hydrogen tanks and remove the ability to carry tanks in your inventory. The tanks increase your capacity instead of refilling your suit. Use more oxygen and hydrogen in space than you do now. Reduce jetpack acceleration (It's bloody insane and everyone I've spoken with hates it). Add the ability to connect a tether between a connector and the character that restricts you from moving more than 50 meters away from your ship and feeds your suits oxygen, hydrogen and power from the ship. Add a new block called the "wardrobe" or "locker" that allows you to customize your suit and equip it or unequip it. The suit is stored in the locker and more suits can be produced with an assembler. (the medical room block would no longer let you customize your character and instead of interacting with the control panel to heal, you just walk into the chamber on the block and it automatically starts healing you.) 4.) Inertia Dampeners. Add the ability to make the inertia dampeners match course and speed with another object. Add the ability to lock altitude while maintaining horizontal movement on planets. Add the ability to set a speed that the inertia dampeners accelerate to. Later more difficult stuff 5.) Interstellar flight. The way it would work is you need a new block called the "warp drive" or "hyperdrive" or "wormhole drive" point is, it's different than the jump drive. when you activate it, it brings up a galaxy map similar to starbound's galaxy map. you select a location and you and every player inside the gravity well of your ship starts flying there. From there, it would look very similar to interstellar flight in no man's sky. The ship vanishes from the player world, the skybox changes to look like you're at hyper speed or whatever, you can walk around your ship and do anything you can normally except move the ship. all the while covering up a loading time. it wouldn't take much pc power because the ship would technically not be moving. it just looks like it is. because it vanished from the player world, the skybox for everyone in the ship looks like they're at warp speed and the speedometer reads like 2.998e+8 M/S (speed of light) Then you get to another star, it has new planets and Coolio! 6.) Max Speed. The top speed should be 1000 m/s in space and 150 m/s in planets that have atmospheres. That would simulate aerodynamic pressure, reduce the likelihood of slamming into the planet at 1000 m/s and make it so you can't just slingshot yourself out of the planet's gravity.

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RustedIron 06/02/18 05:49
Also. Without wearing a suit, your light would be moved to your shoulder, you cannot use your jetpack, but you are able to sprint, and weld, grind and mine faster. I forgot to mention this in the text