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Never Lock 3rd Person Camera into 1st Person Cockpit View
When the game can't find a position for the third-person camera, it locks the camera into first-person view in the cockpit. This should never happen. Once the camera is locked into cockpit view, the game simply stops making any apparent response to player camera control input until the (now impossible to observe) camera angle returns to a position where it can start displaying correctly in third-person again. This is made worse by a delay between attempting to move the camera and the game responding by moving it back out of the cockpit. The result is that the player can only hold ALT-wiggle the mouse, then wait a second and hope the camera fixes itself. If it doesn't they must ALT-wiggle the mouse again and repeat, until eventually, through feedback-free trial and error, they find an angle where the camera fixes itself. Release 1.180 fixed this issue by apparently making the camera bounding box very small, so the camera would almost always find some space between the edge of the ship and display there. Sometimes this would result in the camera being zoomed very close into the edge of the ship. Rarely this would cause minor display clipping of ship parts or asteroid voxels. This request is to revert to 1.180 behavior unless some better solution is found. To have the game stop giving any response to user input, as it currently does, is never acceptable. Occasional clipping if the camera projection window cuts through a voxel is fine, and while not visually perfect, does not impede gameplay. Please change the third-person camera behavior back to the known good behavior of 1.180, or some other solution that doesn't lock the third-person camera into the cockpit. There is never a good reason to for third person view reverting to first person cockpit view.

gchristopher shared this idea 26/08/17 01:26
mikrogen 26/08/17 09:49 flag comment
We are aware of this problem and working on solution. Forcing 1st person camera should be really very rare.
RAG46 27/08/17 02:46 flag comment
It happens to me all the time...
KissSh0t 27/08/17 05:40 flag comment
Also happens to me all the time...
RAG46 27/08/17 17:51 flag comment
I was able to make it happen consistently last night. I was in a small buggy, just a fighter cockpit and 4 medium wheels. driving on a relatively smooth planet with occasional craters. The craters where just big enough to swallow the buggy. If you lower the camera angle to the ground it will start zooming in towards the ship, eventually it will snap to the interior of the cockpit. While inside the cockpit and still in 3rd person mode movement will be frozen, until you move the camera to the extreme opposite direction. Then the camera will snap back to whatever random position that you have moved the camera anglt to that it would start working again.
jwturp 28/08/17 08:18 flag comment
Yep, at least 10 times a session, on average, here..
piratep2r 29/08/17 17:40 flag comment
being forced (and then locked) into first person is not rare at all; it happens all the time :/. A specific vanilla thing that triggers it is moving ships inside smaller voxel holes, like tunnel mining.
baratgab 30/08/17 13:36 flag comment
This. Is. So. Annoying. Regularly makes me want to pull out all my hair. Lucky for me, I have none. :P
mikrogen 30/08/17 14:29 flag comment
I mean - in solution we are currently working on - it should be really rare. In current game released it happens too often.
gchristopher 30/08/17 20:10 flag comment
I'm glad Keen is working on a solution. Go Keen! However, it's very frustrating that you're "working on a solution" when version 1.180 already had a great solution! This bug could be completely resolved (as far as players can see) by reapplying whatever change made the camera work so well in 1.180. What harm is there in leaving that good behavior in place while you work on a more preferable solution? If you roll that back to 1.180 behavior, the players get a good, working, 3rd person camera, and you can put the new code in place whenever it's done.
mikrogen 31/08/17 10:49 flag comment
The reason is there are other fixes, which would be reverted by going back.
505Legion 31/08/17 18:31 flag comment
mikrogen, I have a blueprint which has this issue almost all the time. I'll paste a workshop link here. Basically wherever you rotate the camera, you have a 80% chance of getting pushed back to first person view. Link: I think if you fix it on this build, it will surely be fixed on most of the other builds. It is VERY annoying. :( I couldn't shoot perfect photos for the item in 3rd person in the sky, that's the reason why I have pictures when it is landed. It was awfully hard to get a sweetspot for the gif as well. )
505Legion 31/08/17 18:36 flag comment
It is the most common on 100m/s, since you are basically unable to fly in TPS unless you look backwards.
MtCS 14/09/17 22:06 flag comment
I can testify that it is (all least for me) the mos annoying thing in the whole game! I use 3rd view a lot to mine, but when I do that it constantly clips to 1rst person view. I know that it is to prevent clipping in to the voxels mesh, but it is massively annoying.
kertlund 14/09/17 22:20 flag comment
damn this is so damn annoying when mining on planets or asteroids .
Soultechnology 15/09/17 23:04 flag comment
honestly, if one wants to sue 3rd person and defeat immersion by just doing that i dont see a problem with ti defeating immersion when they're camera goes inside another ship or asteroid... just remove it outright dont try and fix it (the camera getting pushed around that is, not 3rd person as a whole). personally im a fan or the alt-adjustable camera mod and first person locked but i appear to be outmatched in that sadistic behaviour.
IJustGaming 17/09/17 15:06 flag comment
It happens to everyone
pingger 17/09/17 15:08 flag comment
Well I thought it wasn't too bad, since the last time I played was several month ago ... but I started playing again a few Days ago and this issue has become very severe ... WTF happened, that the camera locks you so often into first person view?
Raytruth 05/10/17 11:43 flag comment
thanks bro, i always hated that thing.
entspeak 06/11/17 07:39 flag comment
Would be great if 3rd person camera would zoom out more to avoid colliding with grid rather than snap to cockpit.
mikrogen 27/02/18 16:42 flag comment
Forcing to 1st person view when it is not absolutelly needed was fixed. Also 1s delay to go back to 3rd person view was removed.
NikolasMarch 05/03/18 18:44 flag comment
this is still happening, but geting out of this forced 1st person view isnt as bad as it used to be, but its only a small improvement.