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my ship pulls... and its because of a glitch
i am about 80% sure its a glitch because every time it was a rather specific set of circumstances, i installed small atmo braking thrusters on my small ship the other day along with lots of others, but i began noticing that their fan models were literally dragging against the ship's momentum, also visually, i know it was them because the pull was always in a direct line between them and my ship, i did not at first realize this and i though it was my keyes getting stuck, but a friend reported the same issue, it was only these particular thrusters and it might have something t do with the direction in the world grid, or it might be somewhat related to the fact that i have an unlimited speed mod active, although i was far to scared to take this ship above 50 m/s so that should not have been at all related to the issue, i also crashed while grinding again, although it didn't close the program or offer a crash report and after about 20 minutes i had to close it with task manager, so possible memory leak, and it was with a small ship that was a cargo container, connector, ions in every direction, a cockpit, and remote and camera combo, i was using remote for control at the time, and it began freezing when i tried to leave the camera view at nearly the same time as the block that i was on finished grinding, was a large light armor block, i belive i have 2 ions in every direction on it and container was large and core of ship

admiralpeck shared this idea 30/08/17 02:16