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Multiple FTL Drives and easy tech tree
Well theres only 1 FTL drive in the game and ive been trying to make it so youll have to unlock the jump drove from aliens and at the start youll choose betwen warp hyperspace or whormholes the hyperdrives will enter a place called hyperspace and will go to places set when you spawn or you can create with a REALLY hard to make lane mapper and you can create hyperspace points wich youll travel to later the warp will be slow but you can move freelly it will go at 10000m/s the hyperdrive at 100km/s and whormholes will be the classic gate thing with no travel time also make the jymp drive harder to make like only mothership type not just putbit on a frigate the warp and hyperdrive can be equiped to frigates and the warp can be equiped to small ships

Xsquidlover101X shared this idea 15/09/17 17:54