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multiplayer survivability due to lag
So far as I can tell, multiplayer servers assume the player to be continuously actively moving in a given direction if that player sends a movement command (by pressing WASD, for example) until such time as that player sends a stop-moving command (normally by releasing the movement key on the keyboard). Functionally, the emergent problem is that if you tap a movement key immediately prior to a lag spike, the server assumes the player has chosen to continue moving in that direction through part or all of that lag spike. In order to dramatically reduce player respawns due to lag deaths, consider changing this to a "keep-alive" command scheme. That is, if the player client doesn't send a new "I'm doing this" set of commands every so many milliseconds, then the server should assume that command has expired and force the player to stop executing commands which fail to send keep-alive refreshes.

dcar shared this idea 17/08/17 20:16
dcar 17/08/17 20:22
Alternatively, if the suggested method has already been adopted, consider very strongly either reducing the maximum period where a player command may not be reissued or consider adding a server setting where the admin can adjust this period to best suit their needs. 18/08/17 12:11
Consider an opposite situation as well: when you will have dampeners enabled, you can be killed by something because you stop moving on server due to lag. Nevertheless, it is a good idea, we will prototype it and see the results. Thank you for the report
Zoratan 18/08/17 13:32
Or maybe make it a server (or even client) option, so everyone chan choose the lesser evil for himself
Korfio 18/08/17 13:41
This interval could be dynamically determined by the running average roundtrip time for packets. A high deviation means an unstable connection, so you'd need the admin setting for that. So the admin could be setting the following parameters: max deviation threshold to enable cap, fixed max deviation cap, cap apply duration, normal connection lag adaptation coefficient
reallycoolguy 15/09/17 01:50
yes please fix this it is so painful.
AutoMcD 21/09/17 14:51
I understand playing devil's advocate but let's be real here. 99% of the time this happens, the player or ship ends up in an uncontrolled acceleration for 1/2 second or more, causing destruction or player death. Especially with how fragile the blocks are in collisions, a 1 second lag is PLENTY of time for a simple parking job to turn into a major repair operation. It would be a rare case where just letting dampeners slow down ship caused an unplanned crash.. you'd have to be in the middle of some unsafe stunt maneuver to begin with.