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Multiplayer gamemode: Mothership
Since Keen has announced that there next major Update is focused on Multiplayer and the trailor for Update 1.186* was showing a large Battle between two factions I think it would be nice to have a multiplayer gamemode that represents a good range of Space Engineers core mechanics. A gamemode where I belive it suits the Space Engineers environment I called Mothership. In this mode two teams (I belive the game should be able to support 10 v 10) are spawning in a Capitalship. The Capitalship has medbays for respawning and a range of smallships for different purposes (eg. troup transporter, fighter, ...). In the middle of the map between the two ships is a base. The first goal of the mode is for both teams to reach the base and capture and hold a point for a certain amount of time (like king of the hill). The team that manages to win that part of the game recives the coordinates of the Capitalship from the opposing team. With the coordinates the team has to try to destroy the Capitalship. The game is won when one team manages to destroy all medbays or the power of the opposing Capitalship so that respawning isn't possible. I belive this gamemode has the advantages that it displayes the diferent kombat mecanics of Space Engineers such as Largeship vs Largeship, Smallship vs Laregship, Smallship vs Smallship, Player vs Player, Player vs Smallship. I tried to keep the explenation of the gamemode as simple as possible. I am interested in the general oppinion about Space Engineers having a multiplayer gamemode (appart from survival). If I did not manage to explain something clear enough I can always explain it in more details. Thanks for reading. *

OmEgAStOrM shared this idea 04/06/18 18:12